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I’ll give you the punchline

I do like Bruce’s optimism. (from )
I’ve never seen so much panic around me, but panic is the last thing on my mind. My mood is eager impatience. I want to see our best, most creative, best-intentioned people in world society directly attacking our worst problems. I’m bored with the deceit. I’m tired of obscurantism and cover-ups. I’m disgusted with cynical spin and the culture war for profit. I’m up to here with phony baloney market fundamentalism. I despise a prostituted society where we put a dollar sign in front of our eyes so we could run straight into the ditch.
The cure for panic is action. Coherent action is great; for a scatterbrained web society, that may be a bit much to ask. Well, any action is better than whining. We can do better.


Jack thought this reminded him of me.

I guess I have always had this great desire to find some ore and smelt it, then make a tool with the metal, and use it to get more ore and make better metal and make something out of the metal.
That probably explains the whole mmorpg thing.