I picked up my shovel and I went to the mine

But the sun shone today, so there wasn’t many people at the studio. Chuck and I took advantage of it and made up 5 and a half glazes to try out on the gas kiln. I’m exhausted and contemplating a nice early bedtime, as Debbie and Kayla took a lil road trip to let Kayla stay with her dad down south and visit friends.
Also, a note to self. Don’t drink a half gallon of orange juice just because you have no refrigeration.

And the results are in

So yesterday we got to go visit the surgeon and get the results back. They were happy with the way the incisions are healing and I’m showing good progress. The bad news came when they said that there were some melanoma cells found within one of the two lymph nodes that were taken. The good news was that there were very few cells taken, not even enough to say that it wasn’t just my immune system removing the cells from action. In a way I feel that this is the best news from a health and worry perspective. Had he said they found nothing and they would consider me done I can imagine myself becoming more worried at every twinge and perceived oddity for years to come. This way I’m getting some further treatment as a security measure.
Monday I have to go in and have a brain MRI and a complete VT scan of the rest of my system to make sure there aren’t more tumors present. The surgeon said that he didn’t expect that with as few cells as they found in the lymph node, he didn’t expect to find anything in the rest of the scans. I suppose there could be coincidental findings, but I’m not worried about that. So, should everything go well with the scans after I get back from exciting Reno, Nevada I get to start a nearly year-long course of Interferon treatments.
I really had a good feeling that everything was going to be all right, and I hadn’t realized that it was really ‘bad news’ until the Doctor referred it to that. But he said that with the very low amount of spread into the lymph node my chances were still as good as if they hadn’t found anything at all.

And now for something completely different

I’d never meant this blog to be more than just the lighter side of stuff that crossed my mind, and who knows why things seem to go as they do, but I guess I felt like I ought to be writing more lately. Then things happen.
So I got a little surprise the other day. A mole I had partially removed and biopsied a couple years ago got some attention again, only this time it was diagnosed with melanoma. It kind of threw my week for a loop. I found out on Monday, saw a surgeon Wednsday and had it removed Friday. I’m just starting to be up and around more, mostly due to the effects of the pain pills and anesthesia than the problem itself. I had two lymph nodes removed from under my right arm as well as a larger area than the mole removed from my back. The scar on my back is quite large, due to the width of the initial area removed. They needed to take a big football shape to be able to close it straight. I feel a bit like I’m in a suit that is two sizes too small with a cat shoved in the sleeve. I should get the results back from the surgery on Wednesday, and I’ve been told the odds aren’t too bad that this is the whole of what I’ll have to go through. But the possibility exists that I do have more to go, I just need to wait and see.
IMGP0243.JPGIt’s been quite the month for pain. I smashed (and maybe broke) a toe, and flayed the one next to it a few weeks ago getting out of Debbie’s car at the studio. The week after I smashed my finger with a sledge hammer pretty good and the fingernail is just fixin’ to come off now. The week after that I was breaking down the branches of a fallen tree and clocked myself in the nose with a good 4″ diameter chunk. I’m hoping this little streak is winding down, to tell the truth.
At least I have a lot of support around the house. Even Boo wants in on helping me out in my time of need.