Phil Heartman need not kiss me

Also today, we condluded the “Beardo the Wierdo” experiment. I hate shaving, but I found out that I hate having a beard more. I’d had some fantasies over the last couple of days about removing it bit by bit every day and showing up to work until I came in with a pencil-thin mustache after a week or so. But in the end, getting it all off my face was all I could think of doing. The final straw came last night drinking a smoothie and having an upper lip that was purple and drippy after every sip.
It’s too bad, in a way, because I had gotten pretty good at the Snidely Whiplash twirling tick.

Progress must progress

cement.JPG And into each life some cement must fall. I’ll gloss over the last few months later, but for now I figured a couple things happened today that was noteworthy. Debbie ended up closing on her house some weeks ago, and she helped me decide to just hire someone to put the footing in for the garage. We really need to get the tools situated so they can be used as well as freeing up space in the basement. The whole lynchpin of our domestic arrangements seemed hinged on the pouring of the footing that was my current albatross. So, we apportioned out the funds, paid some bills, planned for a vacation and earmarked the rest for cement. It does feel a little like a cop-out, because I know I could have done it myself, but after watching them do it today, I’m very glad I didn’t have to do it.