time fix?

looks like from the last post the gmt offset was wrong. I think I fixed it, thanks once more to google.
ok, from the last post I meant the one at 4 a.m. Proof, once again, I shouldn’t get up when I can’t sleep and muck with things.

Long, long couple weeks

I don’t know how much I even want to write about this, and it’s late enough that I’m sure I don’t want to write it all tonight. In addition I’m so paranoid even without funky happenings but with it I’m loathe to write much detail.
Two fridays previous to today (the fog on this is so thick I can’t hardly believe it’s that long ago) I discovered what I believed to be a hacked box at work. Unluckily enough, I was the only one at work minding the store as that very day most of my team was flying out to a conference for 10 days. So working mostly by myself on it I managed to kick over an ants nest that is fairly broad. Things are only starting to come back into shape and I’m going to have to rebuild my whole cluster to be sure it’s more maintainable than in the past.
I’ve been poking around on my server tonight making sure the securing I did earlier in the week was ok I found an ssh key on my account created November 1 that I didn’t make. The earliest signs I had that things were bad at work seemed to go back to Nov 1 at work, so I’m not sure at what point someone looked here, but as I connect home from work from time to time I’m not surprised.
Well, I get to talk to the FBI, so I guess it wasn’t a total loss…

Second Life

second life
So I signed up for Second Life today. It’s like a mmorpg, but with more customization and less game. Reading about it reminded me of William Gibson’s descriptions of cyberspace. Kind of a place where you could go do pretty much anything you want. So far I havn’t done much besides run around a bit, but I did modify one of the t-shirt samples to make it blue and put my logo on the back. It’s got some definant potential for a big time sink.