too much customer service?

I mentioned that my truck got hit while parked on the street. It seemed fairly minor, and I only took it in to the appraisal to get it checked so I could claim the valid loss on my taxes. I figured if I fixed anything I’d just do it myself and leave the dent in mainly as I plan to just drive it into the ground anyway. But as the damage was over $1000 I figured I’d just get it done. So I was told it could be done as early as wednsday but probably not later than friday.
I get a call Tuesday saying the car won’t be ready on Wednsday but probably Thursday.
I get a call on Wednsday saying it will be ready on Thursday.
I get a call on Thursday saying it won’t be ready today, but it will be ready Friday.
Any bets on tomorrow?

Unchained bloggishness

servers.JPGSeems like I don’t find the time to write ever. Even when I have something, I always find some reason to let it pass. Like the time last week (the week before?) where dell delivered the 160-odd servers for our new mini cluster each packaged in its own individual box complete with power cord, 2manuals, 2 cd’s and service disclaimer, none of which we were going to use. And we spent two days unpacking them and finding places to recycle the cardboard and packageing.
Then there was sunday when I decided to try to surprise Debbie while she was at work by making her favorite dessert creme brulee. I’ve never tried to make it (or even know what it should taste like) but it seemed simple enough, and in the end it turned out delicious, despite being cooked in two phases and enough topping of carmelized sugar to make it like breaking plate glass to get to the custard.
Or the fact that my truck got hit while parked on the street in the middle of the day and whoever did it got away scott free.
And Kirk moved out leaving a couple of stuffed garbage cans and a big empty house that lacks the noise of the two fishtanks that I found aggravating until they were gone and no dog to clean up my kitchen spills.
I guess it’s possible I just need to find a routine that lets me post at some other time besides when I go to bed, but that seems to be the time that is most fitting. I guess I just like hanging with my honey too much to stop and write about something. But when she’s not here I sit up like a petulant child refusing to go to bed, despite the sleep in my eyes.
I’m not tired!
I’m not!
Just 5 more minutes?

Goodbye to Meeko


Mandi’s little friend Meeko died today. She had so much love for the little bird, and it was really cute how he played with her and would cuddle up under her chin when I was visiting. I was pretty envious because I always wanted a bird that was that kind of friendly, and I’m sad he’s gone. I know he ment a lot to her and I sat with Mandi awhile and said goodbye to him this evening. I know there’s really nothing I can do more than say I’m sorry, but I wish there was more.