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Happy Birthday Kelli

kellis_new_haircut_1994.jpg It was Kelli’s birthday this week, and Dave had a party for her, making it three times I’ve seen her now since the 24th of July. She said she was thinking I was going to get sick of her, but I remember seeing her three times in a day several times each week. I miss hanging out with her and Dave. In some ways it kind of sucks getting old and having your own family, but I suppose if everything froze that way it would get pretty boring.
We were supposed to bring a picture or something to scrapbook, so I took her this picture that I took the day she got her haircut when we met at her Grandparents’ place where she lived to watch Voyager.
Yeah, for a season we watched Voyager, but you do a lot of stupid things when you’re young.

Animals at Lagoon

The dragonfly held really still, and when disturbed didn’t fly far and would come back to perch on the same post really quick. Now that I look at this up close it looks like he had an accident and dented his head. (notice the nice reflection of my shiny orange shirt on the post)
And as an added bonus… Ducks on Vacation.