End of the quarter quickie

helm1.JPGThis has been sitting on my shelf for over a year because I couldn’t decide how to finish it. Since I have a new project I don’t know how to finish I thought I’d push this one through any old way.
Turned out ok, I guess.

Happy Birthday Debbie

It’s Debbies birthday today, and since she says I never get her flowers I figured I could make a rose for her. And since her favorite color is blue, I thought I’d do a copper one with an ammonia cold patina. Since she is working such long shifts for the approaching tax deadline I had a couple hours after work every day before she got home where I could work on it without suspicion. I had been mulling over how to accomplish it when I found a youtube video where an artist detailed how to forge a steel rose. The original one is missing now, but there’s a sequel that is pretty much the same thing here on youtube It was a lot of fun to make and everyone that’s seen it has seemed to like it. Maybe I’ll have to do a bouquet.
Happy Birthday, sweetie!