You put the left footing in…

Well, we got the backhoe rented today and Chuck and Jack came around and helped get the footing most of the way in. We were done around 1:00, so Chuck wasn’t even too late to the studio. Now we have to get the rest dug by hand and look at getting the forms in before it snows.

Maybe someday my backyard won’t look like a complete dump. I’ve often said that all it really lacks is a car up on blocks. Although, there is a broken down motorcycle…

Summer Reading List

So with Labor Day Weekend upon me I figured I’d document my summer reading list, just to show I did do something with the summer.
By Terry Pratchett:
Discworld 01 – The Colour of Magic
Discworld 02 – The Light Fantastic
Discworld 03 – Equal Rites
Discworld 04 – Mort
Discworld 05 – Sourcery
Discworld 06 – Wyrd Sisters
Discworld 07 – Pyramids
Discworld 08 – Guards! Guards!
Discworld 09 – Eric
Discworld 10 – Moving Pictures
Discworld 11 – Reaper Man
Discworld 12 – Witches Abroad
Discworld 13 – Small Gods
Discworld 14 – Lords And Ladies
Discworld 15 – Men at Arms
Discworld 16 – Soul Music
Discworld 17 – Interesting Times
Discworld 18 – Maskerade
Discworld 20 – Hogfather
Making Movies by Sidney Lumet (see, some variety)
And then the old standby Favorites:
Illusions by Richard Bach (reread)
The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein (reread)
Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinliein (reread)
I’d recommend any of them to anybody who likes to read.