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At noon the city inspector showed up for the first official look at the garage. He said the forms we stressed so much over were too narrow for the type of pour we were doing, even though the city office cleared us for that type of footing on the official plans. He did say that if we pulled the forms and just poured the size of the hole we would be fine. Had we known that we could have saved a few hundred dollars as well as been able to pour while it was still warm and sunny. Chuck got off a little early due to the impending storm (we had hoped to pour the forms this evening) and he came over and removed them in just a fraction of the time it took to put them in. But that’s always the case, isn’t it? We pulled one board out and the leaves piled in the hole spilled off the board leaving one odd one stuck to the lumber. Turns out it was a well crafted butterfly.
Shortly after we got finished wrapping up the forms in a tarp to keep them from the snow it started to rain, and now we have about 5 inches of new snow.