Can You Bake an Apple Pie?

Neither can I…
Actually I found out I can, those were just the leftover crust clumped up with cinnamon and sugar because I find it hard to throw food away, which is the reason for the pie.
We got apples at costco a few weeks ago, and only four or five got eaten, despite the fact they were fairly tasty apples. I figured they were a getting a little on, and the skins were starting to wrinkle just a bit when you pushed on them, so I figured that I ought to give a swing at seeing if I could do pie.
I found a recimape on the internets and it turned out we had everything but the crisco, so I substituted butter for shortening. Mmmmmm, butter.
All that experience working with clay slabs gave me that edge for rolling out the dough, but I think clay is more forgiving.
Look Ma, no hairnet!
And when Debbie said I had to make some vent holes I couldn’t resist making it cute, ’cause I’m such the homemaker.