DAOC Battlegrounds

Played for a few hours in the Molvik (35-39) battleground after going to a party at Guy’s house. The party was pretty fun and there was a lot of good food. Brian smoked up some of Guy’s elk and Guy barbequed some Salmon. Steve brought shrimp and California rolls and I brought Jumbalaya. Wayne and Irv brought pie and we ate tons then played some wordgames.
The battleground has been much more frustrating than the Thidranki one 15 levels ago, now I seem to die as often as I kill. But tonight just to take a look at it I logged up the whole thing and ran it through Neill’s log parser The output can be found here if you are at all interested.

RPs Earned: 1502
RPs / Hour: 600.8
XP Earned: 203,477,834
XP / Hour: 81,391,133.6
Money Earned: 58 gold, 10 silver, 20 copper
Gold / Hour: 23.2

The actual log can be found here.