The end of an era

So the times (again) they are a-changing. Since the fall of 1998 or so I’ve had a dedicated webserver at home. I guess it made me one of the really cool nerds, but in reality it just sucked away money down a hole. I had grand plans of a ceramics portal website where I could showcase my work along with the other artists I know, and possibly make some sales on the side. The truth of it is, I’m lazy and don’t have much in the way of sales skills. The Cone Ten ceramics site started to get bogged down with personal minutia so I registered this site as the Eclectic Archipelago just to make things cleaner (and harder to spell). With the coming of the Archipelago I started blogging (before blogging was blogging) and made a couple entries in the first two years before, once again, the site got bogged down due to laziness.
I finally came to the decision to wipe my home server and host where it was more economical. I have to thank Jack for providing non profit space for me as well as my brother as well as keeping the blog services going where I’m more inclined to shut comments off rather than deal with spam and updates. Perhaps (before it becomes a new years resolution or some other nonsense) I’ll make more of an effort to do something with my sites. Hopefully, I’ll at least fix the style sheet.