A Windmill in Every Pot at which to Tilt

I have to confess, I do occasionally laugh at some of the ‘tiny hands’ Trump jokes, but it is simply the same body shaming method that so often is derided here on social media and in other circles. If you’re against ridiculing people for such things you ought to be against making/sharing those jokes despite the fact that you dislike the policies or practices of the Donald. The real reason this joke persists, though, is that he finds them offensive enough to have tried to counter perceived insults in the past, empowering his ridiculer’s with ammunition to continue.
Now, I also have small hands, but I see it as a benefit for a lot of the things I do. I can more easily create smaller pieces of pottery and manipulate more delicate tools. I always find gloves in my size. Because I am aware of this (actual) fact I can laugh at things that I find difficult because of their size. I’ll never play the guitar or piano easily, I just can’t reach because of my insignificant digits. My feelings about my tiny hands empowers nobody but me.
The insecurities of our newly minted president will be a valid issue throughout his term. I believe he doesn’t have what it takes in several areas to be an effective or even adequate leader. I also believe that the issues he has with his insecurity are already proving to be a rather large handicap. I am a firm believer in equality for all people. That includes pompous celebrities as well as the every man. I believe that we should “do unto others” and I believe that acting civil can give you the higher ground, or at least not drop you down to a baser level. The people that used epithets like “Obummer” instead of our previous president’s name immediately dropped any argument they made from getting my serious consideration. I think a similar level of discourse towards Trump has the same effect on me.
I do not believe that the manner in which Donald Trump presents himself and his public behaviour has earned him any respect from me. His name is one of many on my list of people who show themselves as undeserving of admiration. Until he does something worthy of my respect I will not be supporting those actions which I see as being detrimental to us as citizens, or to the well being of our country, and to the security of mankind in the world. I do have respect for the office of The President of the United States, but that doesn’t automatically flow to the person holding the office, and until such time as the occupant of that office makes positive change I will stand with those who demand change.