Another freaky coincidence

illusions.JPGSo, one of my favorite books is Illusions, by Richard Bach. I first ran into it on my mission when it was sent to one of my companions. He was kind of unnerved that someone would send him one of his favorite books that wasn’t on the approved reading list. Such things didn’t bother me, so I borrowed it from him and read it in a couple hours in the evening. I loved it and since have been trying to get people to read it ever since. I’m not sure this has ever worked, but it seems I’m always having to get another copy because I can’t find mine. I decided last week that I was going to get a couple used from and give one to Mandi. I think she would like it. The funny thing was my brother brought in the mail and I had three similar sized packages. It seems that I had lent a copy to my cousin, Mara, some time back, and she came across it as she was packing to move. She’s getting married on Tuesday.
I find it a bit unnerving that they all showed up the same day, especially on this week that everything has changed. Especially since the theme on the cover is about how the author envisions a blue feather as he’s learning to draw things into his life. The crux is, imagine a thing and the thing will come into your life. I purposefully have avoided blogging anything about the upheaval that’s gone on lately. I’m not sure this is the forum I want for my deepest feelings, but I’ll just put a note in here. I met Mandi in the pottery class I was helping John with this semester, and we got to be friends. Then I fell in love with her over the last little while. This is odd in that I had decided to be a loner all my life 10 years back and had done really well isolating myself.
Anyway, Tuesday changed all that when I told Mandi how I felt. I found out tuesday that she’s gone back to dating Chuck, one of my friends, and it kinda upset the balance, as that situation has been complicated. I think I’ve worked it out that we can all three still be friends, at least from my end. And upon the advice of several of my friends I’m throwing myself back into the dating arena, although with no prospects. Lara convinced me to sign up with eharmony, but there is something really wierd about that which goes beyond the newness of the idea of a date.
So in short, lifes been really wierd, and then it shows me it can get wierder.