Ok, so I missed a day

So last night Debbie stayed up late with me and we watched Casablanca, probably my favorite movie. Sounds cliche’d, but it is. And as the habit isn’t new yet, I went to bed afterward and didn’t think to write. Today we started out with plans for a couple short errands and then we were going to come down to Mt. Pleasant. The errands took a bit longer than we’d planned and my back ended up hurting real bad. We decided that it wouldn’t hurt us if we didn’t spend the weekend together for the first time since we’d started going out (I believe it would have been) as we’d had Monday to shop for Abby’s dress, and Thursday for the CHPC Christmas party. But in the end we decided to let Debbie drive me down and I could lounge my pain around her house and she’ll bring me back Monday morning for work and she can finish some stuff up in Salt Lake before going back. It’s kind of odd driving the full Salt Lake to Mt. Pleasant trip. We had to think hard to figure out we had actually done it once before, on Thanksgiving, because it seems we’ve each done it so many times alone on the way to the other’s house.