Lucky coon-skin cap eve

nest.JPG So yesterday I went out back to see if the charcoal my brother left behind was still good. I leaned over and lifted the bag open and reached deep inside to grab a chunk of charcoal and had one of those moments where time really slows down. At first I thought, something about that isn’t right. Then I started turning over that gray shape in my mind trying to match it to something familiar. My hands reached a briquette and I thought, “That’s odd, I thought it was chunk and not formed…” My mind finally snapped the gray shape into alignment with what I knew it was just as I saw the imprinted logo in the charcoal. Then for a snap second I started considering what my options were. I dropped the charcoal and jumped about three feet diagonally backwards, being very careful that I didn’t make contact with the bag in my flight. I landed shook my hand vigorously looking at both sides and was a little stunned that I hadn’t been stung. The wasp nest is still there, and I can’t quite decide what to do about it. The wasps (or yellowjackets, or whatever they are) just move slowly over the surface of the nest and don’t seem to fly out much, unless I get near it with the grabber. Then they show me they can fly.