Second Life

second life
So I signed up for Second Life today. It’s like a mmorpg, but with more customization and less game. Reading about it reminded me of William Gibson’s descriptions of cyberspace. Kind of a place where you could go do pretty much anything you want. So far I havn’t done much besides run around a bit, but I did modify one of the t-shirt samples to make it blue and put my logo on the back. It’s got some definant potential for a big time sink.

Quote from William Gibson

Recently, Jack pinted out that William Gibson, one of my favorite authors, had begun blogging again and I found a quote in there I really liked and thought I’d pass it along.

In some more cheerful historical continuum, I could be quite happy with a decent centrist Republican as president. Indeed, from what I take to be the perspective of the extreme left, the problem with Kerry would be that he’s merely that: a decent centrist Republican. There are, in fact, decent centrist Republicans who quite rightly regard themselves as true conservatives, and it was not my intention yesterday to tell people like that to buzz off. If you’re a decent centrist Republican, or a true conservative, today, I feel for you; your party has been carjacked by some sort of radical movement, and driven right around the spectrum — people who’ve bathed their brains all too thoroughly in the White Light of the far, bad side.
In very much the sense that Bush is not actually a Christian, likewise is he nothing remotely conservative. Believing Bush is conservative in any traditional sense is like believing that a Formula One racer with the Perrier logo on its side is full of mineral water.

Gibson paints pictures in my head that have a life all their own, which makes it difficult to read sometimes as ideas jump to life behind my eyes and distract me from the story with their own little capers.

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