Lewis Black Grey day

I think the weather channel is running a conspiracy to keep people from slitting their wrists. Every day it’s the same report. Foggy today, highs in the low thirtys, rain and snow tonight, warmer tomorrow. It’s a lie, every day I wake up to fog.

Circus Brown’s dusty cd collection

So I went tonight with Kirk to his radio show and he let me pick out most of the playlist from my old 70’s and early 80’s music. We got a ton of calls and had people requesting all kinds of stuff, a lot of which we didn’t have, but we were able to at least make second or third choices on most peoples things. It was really fun and if I’m able to get the show we recorded ripped to mp3’s I’ll try to get them up somewhere they can be downloaded.
It was much better than my first effort at the show a couple years ago.

DAOC Battlegrounds

Played for a few hours in the Molvik (35-39) battleground after going to a party at Guy’s house. The party was pretty fun and there was a lot of good food. Brian smoked up some of Guy’s elk and Guy barbequed some Salmon. Steve brought shrimp and California rolls and I brought Jumbalaya. Wayne and Irv brought pie and we ate tons then played some wordgames.
The battleground has been much more frustrating than the Thidranki one 15 levels ago, now I seem to die as often as I kill. But tonight just to take a look at it I logged up the whole thing and ran it through Neill’s log parser The output can be found here if you are at all interested.

RPs Earned: 1502
RPs / Hour: 600.8
XP Earned: 203,477,834
XP / Hour: 81,391,133.6
Money Earned: 58 gold, 10 silver, 20 copper
Gold / Hour: 23.2

The actual log can be found here.

Magic Unhinged

We got together to play unhinged tonight. It’s the second set of joke-ish cards for Magic the Gathering. Lance bought a few boxes of expansion cards and we did a semi draft and came up with a deck of cards each and played some. It was pretty fun, but we only had time for a few games. I played Russell and went down 2 games to 1, but at least I got that one. We are going to play again with these cards, I think, and it would be fun to give it a go again.
Wet Willie of the Damned

time fix?

looks like from the last post the gmt offset was wrong. I think I fixed it, thanks once more to google.
ok, from the last post I meant the one at 4 a.m. Proof, once again, I shouldn’t get up when I can’t sleep and muck with things.

Long, long couple weeks

I don’t know how much I even want to write about this, and it’s late enough that I’m sure I don’t want to write it all tonight. In addition I’m so paranoid even without funky happenings but with it I’m loathe to write much detail.
Two fridays previous to today (the fog on this is so thick I can’t hardly believe it’s that long ago) I discovered what I believed to be a hacked box at work. Unluckily enough, I was the only one at work minding the store as that very day most of my team was flying out to a conference for 10 days. So working mostly by myself on it I managed to kick over an ants nest that is fairly broad. Things are only starting to come back into shape and I’m going to have to rebuild my whole cluster to be sure it’s more maintainable than in the past.
I’ve been poking around on my server tonight making sure the securing I did earlier in the week was ok I found an ssh key on my account created November 1 that I didn’t make. The earliest signs I had that things were bad at work seemed to go back to Nov 1 at work, so I’m not sure at what point someone looked here, but as I connect home from work from time to time I’m not surprised.
Well, I get to talk to the FBI, so I guess it wasn’t a total loss…

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