Trial Lake Trial

washington-trial.jpgWell, I tried to get the kayak out again yesterday, but the weather didn’t cooperate so I just took the kayak for a ride. I had thought it was a great idea to head up to the Uintahs, but evidently so did about another hundred-thousand people. Just before we got to Washington Lake we saw the remains of a really bad car wreck with one car upside down and another that looked like it had been hit head on at high speed. I’ve looked at the news and havn’t seen any reports, but I can’t imagine everyone survived it.
When we got to Washington it was wall to wall people in the campgrounds, so we backtracked to Trial Lake and the shore was lined with people fishing. It had been really hot when we were loading up the truck but by the time we got to the lake it was pretty cold and windy. We hiked around across the dam and just down from the cabin where I always fish when I go to trial and just left the kayak in the truck. I was dressed for warm wet kayaking and not for rain, but it wasn’t too bad. We did get rained on a bit, but not bad enough that I wanted to get my jacket out of the truck.
We took chance along, but the lightning was really scaring him, so he kept trying to climb under Kirk every time there was any thunder. scardey_chance.JPG
Kirk caught the first fish on some powerbait, but it wasn’t quite big enough to keep so he let it go. I was having a good time laughing at the little fingerlings trying to take my hooks that were bigger than their mouthes every time my line came within a couple feet of the shore. I ended up hooking a couple tiny fish with flies. I landed a really pretty brook trout that had some really funky markings, and one rainbow that was… er not so pretty mutant_trout.JPG

A couple more pictires of the lake…