Backpacking Sugarloaf

Secret Lake Friday evening I met Jared, his wife Jamie, and his dad Wayne up at the Albion Basin to go backpacking. I’d kind of gone nuts and got a new tent because I didn’t have a good one for backpacking. While I was at it, the boy scout motto, long dormant, flared up and I ended up with a decent first aid kit, new sleeping pad, headlamp and various other items I thought I might need.
We got up to the parking lot and headed out just after 6:00 p.m. for the pass between Sugarloaf and Devils Castle. We had a lot of fun along the way joking about the out-of-shape city dwellers attempting to scale mountains. Surprisingly, I was almost able to keep up, despite carrying all that unacustomed gear and on a swollen ankle that probably should have kept me from going. Around sunset we made the saddle and were rewarded with quite a view. Unfortunately this view included a line of lightning laced storm coming right towards us from the Timpanoges side. We debated the situation for a few minutes and decided that it was probably wiser to not camp on the peak in a lightning storm, a solution not often reached if you watch the local news often enough. So after a few blessed minutes of packlessness we hitched back up and started for lower ground. We made it back down in less than a third of the time it took us to make the ascent with the judicious use of flashlights.
aggrivated.jpgBy the time I got to the bottom my ankle had really had it. I didn’t notice till we turned around and started up the road at the campsites, but decided I’d probably not be able to make the same trip up the next morning, even with leaving most of my kit at the campsite. If there had been someplace to camp readily available, I’d have probably endured the weather just to give all my new toys a try and stuck it out, but I knew I couldn’t go farther, so I bailed and came back. I was sitting back in my chair by 10:30, so it was quite the adventure.
I did have my gps with me but I can’t seem to locate the cord that connects it to the computer, but when I find it or get the new one I’ll have to update this entry for statistical content. I also hope to get a little video, or some pictures from Jared to add too.