Singing in the snow

So when I’m trying to leave the haircut appointment I get in the car and grab the brush to wipe off the back window of the rental car while I start the engine. As I’m fully aware that I need to wipe the window, I havn’t shut the drivers side door, and I’ve got my leg hanging out still on the pavement. To my (shortsightedly, I admit) surprise the windshield wipers kick a stream of snow onto the inside of the open door and my foot. I jump out of the car and wipe the snow off the door armrest onto the slushy ground. To my chagrin, I also managed, in that one swipe, to lock the doors to the car. I shut the door, locking the keys inside along with my cell phone, ignition still running, and the wipers going, radio blaring —etc. My car (a beat up pickup truck) has a safety feature to prevent such calamities, but I digress.
Suffice it to say, I didn’t make it back to work before 5:00, and I’ve ended up paying not more (but an unknown amount) than $76 for the 2 minutes it took the AAA man to blood-pressure-cuff the door open large enough to admit a small rod to roll down the window.