Underwater Camera

I figured if I’m a-goin’ on a honeymoon I’d like to have a camera and start taking pictures for my family photo album. I’d had my eye on the Pentax W20 waterproof camera after my first kayakin’ adventure where I ended up taking the crappy digital camera out of a ziplock bag, taking a picture or two and rebagging/stowing the camera again. I figured there needs to be an easier way. So santa brought me a late Christmas present and when I was testing it out I decided I could take pictures of the fish from inside the tank.
Of course, the camera also takes dry pictures, but as I’m not photogenic enough this was the best we could do trying to get a picture to put in the Sanpete County paper to announce our wedding.

I was actually laughing at the kitten falling off the back of the couch and Kayla snapped the picture.